Thank God for the Son

The Redeemer did not shun man as man is inclined to shun his fellow men. When God condemned the guilty sinner because he was deserving of condemnation, the Majesty of heaven came near in all the fullness of the God-head. He looked upon the world in its fallen, corrupted state, and his heart of love was burdened because… of the woe of his human creatures. He looked for the central power of all evil, and he beheld the great apostate, the fallen angel who had been expelled from the heavenly courts, and who had assumed the power and throne of God upon the earth. The Son of God read all the purpose of Satan to eclipse God from the view of man. And he knew that by paying the ransom he could end the reign of the enemy, and vindicate the justice of God. Therefore he clothed his divinity with humanity. He stooped to this fallen world that he might restore in man the divine image. RH June 5, 1900


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