Moses’ Supernatural Love

“Moses had been a man greatly honored of God. He was greater than any who had lived before him. He was privileged to talk with God face to face as a man speaketh with a friend. He was permitted to see the bright light and excellent glory that enshrouded the Father. Through Moses the Lord delivered the children of Israel from Egyptian bondage. Moses was a mediator for the children of Israel. He often stood between them and the wrath of God. When the wrath of God was greatly kindled against Israel for their unbelief, their murmurings, and their grievous sins, Moses’ love for them was tested. God promised him that if he would let Israel go, let them be destroyed, he would make of him a mighty nation. Moses showed his love for Israel by his earnest pleading. In his distress he prayed God to turn from his fierce anger, and forgive Israel, or blot his name out of his book.” Spiritual Gifts. Volume 1, Page 40, 41

I couldn’t help but notice Moses’ love for Israel during a time when one naturally finds it easier to do anything but love an offender. Put yourself in his place and you’ll see how supernatural his choice to love really was.

Moses had the “this mind” that was in Christ Jesus which is why his love reminds me of Christ’s love for humanity. Jesus didn’t have to die for us. But He loved us so much that He endured 33 years of life and then a cruel death on the cross.

Lord, today, please help me to stay in and walk in that supernatural love.

“Now the God of patience and consolation grant you to be likeminded one toward another according to Christ Jesus:” Rom 15:5


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